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Contributors submit content to Strategy Girl on a regular basis, writing from experience (and research!) on topics that fall under the categories of education, career, wellness, and productivity.

We also welcome submissions of original, compelling essays about personal experiences related to high school, college, and early career life, as well as opinion pieces about timely topics and perspectives on issues facing young women today.

Lastly, if you are an education, career, or wellness expert who wants to support high school, college, or early career women as they get strategic about their future, there are multiple ways for you to get involved, so please reach out.

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SG Mentors are women who believe in the power of planning and want to help young women do just that to reach their goals. They are engineers, CEOs, teachers, small business owners, and badass professional women (and so much more!) who have experience and advice to share. SG Mentees are ambitious, forward-thinking high school, college, and early career women who want an empowering relationship with a mentor.

Our informal mentorship program is volunteer-driven, offering flexible terms that mentors set with their mentee(s). If you are interested in mentoring the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Mary Barra, Tarana Burke, or RBG—or you are the next—we want to hear from you.

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