Shero’s Rise empowers girls in underserved communities through educational programming and Shero’s Rise is proud to announce our 2022 year-long program grounded in research on child and adolescent social and emotional development, fueled by the power of storytelling, and fortified by building relationships.

Programming details:

Rooted in our 12 foundational and interconnected pillars each participant will explore and cultivate the self and become her own self-empowered Shero. Drawing on our successful Shero’s Rise 2021 pilot and summer programs, each monthly workshop is centered on:

  • Inspiring female keynote speakers
  • Small Shero’s Circle discussion groups by age
  • Self-reflective journaling and intentional storytelling
  • Pillars in Action: options may include meditation, yoga & creative movement, group-dynamic games; drawing & painting, music, dance, drama, poetry, design & build challenges, experiences in nature, service learning, field trips, and more.
  • A healthy communal lunch
  • Shero’s Rise Affirmations
  • Ongoing mentorship from trained facilitators and volunteers throughout the year

Apply here!

Want to volunteer? Volunteers are at the heart of Shero’s Rise as they aim to change the narrative we tell ourselves. Our goal is to help each girl ignite their power within. Learn more and apply here