Step 3: Focus on Your Digital Skills

No matter your industry, digital skills are more in-demand than ever. You don’t even have to consider yourself “tech savvy” in order to have high-value digital skills. These will make you more marketable in our virtual reality. 

Here is how to break down focusing on your digital skills: 

Get Tech Savvy 

Even if you feel you are lacking in digital skills, there are many ways to learn them online. LinkedIn, Google, and other platforms offer both free and paid-for classes. You can learn anything from email marketing to coding while searching for a job, whatever skills you think will most help you in your industry. 

Highlight your digital skills in your resume and cover letter

Did you have to finish your senior year of college taking virtual classes? Briefly highlight the digital skills you gained in your cover letter. Are you now a pro at using different remote work software (e.g. Trello or Slack)? List your digital proficiencies in a skills section at the end of your resume. 

No matter the skill, always be sure to link it to how it can benefit the company and make you a successful candidate for a role. 

Prepare for a virtual interview

Chances are, when you do land that interview, it will be virtual. Virtual interviews present their own set of challenges, especially if you have never done one before. You could always ask a friend to practice with you beforehand (just don’t try to memorize your answers). Be sure to dress professionally and test your technology. After your interview, send a follow-up thank you email within 24 hours. 

Check back in a few days for the 4th and final step!