Name: Simple Studies

Location: Online,

Year Founded: 2020 by Sarah Frank

Tell me about your launch story; how did your organization SimpleStudies get started?

I started Simple Studies in May of 2020. In light of remote learning, education inequity was more pronounced than ever. Simple Studies was founded with the goal of providing free study guides for students, by students. Since its founding, we have recruited over 150 people to create content for the website. We added a blog full of high school advice, everything from college applications to standardized testing to general tips. Simple Studies has study guides that cover every AP class, most core classes, many electives, and even IB! We made an Instagram and used the power of both social media and word of mouth to recruit a team.

What challenges did you face, if any, while launching?

We definitely had a lot of people who didn’t come through. People would ghost us, plagiarize, and leave us hanging. It was really hard and discouraging to count on people who couldn’t do what they committed to. It was easy to feel defeated but the many people that joined and did their best helped me keep my head up.

Tell me about its mission/goals and the primary populations you serve?

Simple Studies is committed to combatting education inequity through free resources. We have study guides, quizzes, and a blog for and by high schoolers.

What does your organization do best? 

We provide free study guides to high school students! Our content is all made for and by high school students.

What are you working to improve?

We are working to combat education inequity. The pandemic has left lots of people with a more difficult educational situation and Simple Studies is here to help!

What does collaboration over competition mean to you? 

Running a nonprofit definitely takes a lot of teamwork. As a leader, it’s also important to recognize what you’re good at and what you’re not. I am so lucky to have so many team members that can do what I can’t, excel where I’m weak, and work with me to make the organization the best it can be! Collaborating is a key to success. 

Final words of wisdom to all the young women out there who are strategizing to reach their education and career goals?

I wish someone had told me that age doesn’t matter. If you have something that you want to do, while this might sound cliche, DO IT! It’s cliche for a reason: chasing your dreams is even easier the sooner that you start. If there is something you strongly believe is worth changing or doing, set your mind to it, find the time, and hit the ground running.

How can our readers reach you to get involved or learn more?

Instagram: @simplestudies4