Name: Nina Martinez
Location: Gilroy, CA
Education: Vanguard University, BA in Communication Studies

How did you determine what you wanted to study in college? 

I have always loved writing, and I knew that Communication Studies offered me the opportunity to grow in my writing.

Walk us through post-college your initial job search. What worked for you? What did not?

During college, I tried out a variety of jobs that I was interested in. I got my insurance license as a Sophomore in college as a “Plan B” for me, in case I did not know what I wanted to do coming out of college. I tried out the insurance business for two years in college, where I worked for Insurance Agencies and a Financial Planning Firm. It pushed and grew me, especially as a college student. However, as time went on in college and I learned more about Communication Studies and Public Relations, I educated myself on the world of social media, and slowly left the insurance industry at the end of my Junior year of college to pursue social media management. I highly encourage all college students to try out different paths of careers during college, as college is a trial period. It is easier to go into your passion out of college after ruling out the jobs you don’t want during college.

How have your career goals changed, if at all, since graduation? Do you have any advice for folks who might sense a change is needed?

My career goals have changed in the sense of wanting to become more of a teacher eventually for business owners wanting to grow on social media. I plan on becoming an educator and leader in the social media realm. My advice for folks who might sense a change is to start your passion as a side hustle. If you have an idea of what you want to pursue, work on it on the side until you can fully get on your feet. Educate yourself continually, whether that is listening to podcasts, doing classes, or talking to professionals in that career path. Work hard and continue to explore different avenues of that career. Be brave and accept failure, but learn from everything!

Social media is confusing, and time-consuming — help! But seriously, what’s one social media myth you love to debunk for your clients?

Followers are not everything. I always say I would rather have ten dedicated followers than ten thousand followers that are not my ideal audience and do not care about what I am posting. Don’t buy your followers, but take steps to attract your ideal audience and gain people on your following that are interested in your business and what you are posting about. Your followers should be treated like friends, not just a number.

Where do you see your company in say, 3-5 years? 

I plan to grow my business and branch out by teaching business owners about social media through classes.

What’s your social media superpower?

My social media superpower is creating engaging and informative captions! I love creating content creation for my clients, and I take pride in helping my clients create scroll-stopping captions that share their passion for their business.

Do you have a mentor? Who do you look to for inspiration and support?

My mentor has to be my mom. She was the one that inspired and pushed me to build my business. I have always admired her for her hard work and professionalism in business. My whole life, I have gained valuable insights regarding running a business while incorporating my passion into my work. She continually challenges me to reinvent myself in my business and become better. When business gets tough, she always provides me words of wisdom and solutions.

What does collaboration over competition mean to you?

Collaboration over competition means partnering with someone of a like-minded mindset and building one another up to become great. It is encouraging someone to pursue their life goals while working together to be better than yesterday.

Final words of wisdom to all the young women out there who are strategizing to reach their education and career goals?

My advice for young women that want to reach their education and career goals is to go for it and be brave. Be brave enough to step into the unknown and continue to better yourself every day by educating yourself. Step into your passion and make connections through people that will build you up. Life is way too short to wake up every day and do something that you hate.

If you are open to connecting with our readers, how can they reach you?

They can reach me on:

Instagram: @collectivestrategies

Facebook: Nina Velez Collective Strategies

LinkedIn: @Nina Martinez