Name: Phylis Mantelli
Location: Gilroy, California
Education/Training: Co-Leader in Ministry at New Hope Community Church, ICF Life Coach

In your current role, what does your day-to-day look like?

It varies, but usually, journaling and bible reading first thing. Then shower, dressed for the day. Grab my coffee and a quick breakfast item. Work in my office with my daughter who is my Executive Assistant/Project Manager. We go over upcoming speaking engagements or book signings, work on blogs, social media postings, upcoming content for future books or training. Return calls with coaching clients.

What advice do you have for young women who are exploring careers in coaching—what traits or skills are critical?

The biggest thing to remember is that we don’t have all the answers all the time. Listening and empathizing is very key. Coaching is about helping the client move forward in their life. You will get a feel for what they need by listening to what they say.

What has been your biggest career “hurdle” and what did you learn from it?

Not being afraid, or being afraid and doing it anyway. I stopped myself so many times out of fear of the unknown. The truth is that if it’s something worth fighting for, you should just try it. I learned that more doors can’t open until you walk through the first hurdle.

Tell me about why you decided to co-launch your podcast, 24 Carat Conversations?

Rhonda and I were talking about doing Podcasts on our own. The more we talked, we realized we were both wanting to do the same kind of podcast; helping women be the best versions of themselves. Showing them the love of Christ, and what that looks like on a daily basis. We were better together!

What’s the most meaningful takeaway you’ve gained from a guest?

That you can still have joy through the darkness, but you have to walk all the way through the dark tunnel to find it again.

What the most rewarding aspect of hosting a podcast?

Being able to do something meaningful with my best friend and hopefully changing someone’s perspective on their life.

Do you have a mentor? Who do you look to for inspiration and support?

I have many mentors. One is Rhonda’s mom, Lorraine. I also have a few good mentors in the writing world, other coaches that have become friends too. I think you should always be learning and growing yourself. The bible is always my support though.

What does collaboration over competition mean to you?

Collaboration has no place for jealousy or competition. When you can truly be happy for another woman when she accomplishes a goal or reaches a milestone and you can also find ways to help her, that is collaboration. You may both be trying for the same things, but know that timing is everything. If someone gets there before you, there is a reason. Celebrate with her, cheer her on, your time will come.

Final words of wisdom to all the young women out there who are strategizing to reach their education and career goals?

I would tell you to educate yourself as much as possible. I never had that start, but I am learning at my old age that it’s never too late to educate yourself. With that, there is a “life education” standard that I live by. Learn by your mistakes. Be humble as much as you are confident. There’s a quiet strength that’s much more powerful than being cocky. Reach for the stars and take friends with you!

If you are open to connecting with our readers, how can they reach you?

I would love to hear from them! You can reach me @
I’m on Instagram and Facebook under Phylis Mantelli.