Focusing your energy on finding a career that truly makes you happy can itself feel like a full-time job.

Instead of becoming discouraged, let your energies flow to the positive places in your mind. These could be your willpower, strength, and of course, empathy. You can even allow your mind to wander for a little while, but always be mindful:

If you want to be a nurse, you already are. You already know how. You already have the innate talent to get you through the door. Now apply it.

If you want to be a store owner, you already are. You likely have what it takes from other experiences, let’s say, managing your soccer team or poetry club.

You already are because you have innate gifts and talents to apply within many careers. Ask yourself: What are my strong points? What are my weak points? How do I want to get to work? Would I feel comfortable in an office or doing outreach? What kinds of people do I see myself working with?

I also suggest you go on this journey with grace and kindness…be humble. Please try not to back down from a weak point because you will get through it. It is because you already are what you plan to become. Apply your skills in a hobby. Then see what you must bring to the table. It is most likely, a lot of skills!

What if you still feel stuck? Be free of feeling stuck whatever you do…please try not to allow it in your life. Volunteer. Get an internship. Try your hand at the kind of work you are pleased with. Try something new and different but pleasing. Make it an adventure!

In my own life, these principles apply. I have started to come into my own with a writing career. In the past, I was spinning in many other directions. I found my true calling through confidence and choosing to remain humble. When I doubt myself, I look back on the jobs I didn’t like, and jobs I did like, and I realize that I know what I want. That is my first step. I go to school for composition to understand my craft and the literature behind that craft which will enable me to become a better writer.

When I am in doubt, I look for little things in my personality that might draw me back to positive thinking. For example, knowing, feeling and believing that I am strong. I am also willing to struggle. I am willing to get through anything to be able to practice my craft.

It takes a lot of energy, but it is worth it. Trust me when I say, ‘go for it’. If it matters to you, it will matter to an employer.

Remember, you already have innate gifts. Be who you already are!