When I am in great fear, panic, or feel shame, there is that little voice in me telling me to “stop…” ‘Stop thinking that way’, or, ‘stop battling yourself’. Stop eating away the good thoughts. Take control: live your best life. These words matter, especially if we get used to the power of the “needling” thoughts that grab more of our attention than that of, “positive thinking.”

I’ve learned that a conditional-like way of thinking happens to all of us, no matter how old we are and no matter where we are in our lives. Sometimes, it occurs more often when we are a bit younger. Never knowing what the “right” thing is to say to someone, or feeling used/betrayed, or, disappointment from our folks’ view of us. Feeling shamed, sad/depressed, or beaten down, will only shine the light on our greater path towards what will make us stronger.

The power of your strength comes from our lessons in life. No matter how difficult these may have been for you, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Why? Because why not? It is about what you deserve. If you feel you deserve something good in your, let’s say, core belief system, then that is what you will strive for…always, and it doesn’t matter who is involved like friends or family: you deserve the best.

Hope to remain strong through great battles, emotional, or circumstantial, or both isn’t easy though. When it seems like there is nothing better than to feel depressed, we owe it to ourselves to develop a sense of purpose first. Find what makes you happy. Be yourself, because there is only ONE you. You are unique. Know the truth… what makes you sparkle? What brings peace into your world? How do we get there and with what?

So, what if you don’t know? 

Try again: Think more, and focus. Journal your deepest thoughts, best skills and traits. Speak from the heart. If it is still unclear, be truthful about the fog. Don’t be afraid if that is your truth (not knowing what it is that makes you happy). Believe in yourself. This goes to those women out there who already know what they want, but don’t actually see a way out.

If you feel stuck, or don’t see a way towards the light, be yourself. Ask yourself some prudent questions like… What do I deserve? What is it that I can do now about the situation? When you answer these questions, you can begin your newest journey. You will be able to really speak from the heart. You will captivate your strong suits. You will see some sort of light. 

What if you know? 

I remember when I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I also felt it in my gut. I believed it could be possible based on the many stories and poems I had written thus far. It doesn’t matter if you feel you so-called, “failed”. Knowing the truth will only bring you further into feeling the truth deep inside your soul. Believing it sets you apart from the rest. Suddenly, you feel motivated, and that spark to keep things going. You really want it, and you feel you can have it, thus believing in it.

And…then some!


[Image: Image: @jessrachelsharp]