September. Fall is upon us!

I love summer, but as someone who grew up on LBI, I have always appreciated the calm of September. And though I traded beach life for city life a long time ago, I still appreciate the break September brings by way of school starting!

Right now the blog is theme-free, so I don’t have one to focus on in this post, but this month we have submissions on the college to work-life transition, how to make the most (and be strategic about) college, and of course, a bunch of career profiles/interviews. Be prepared for some college-admissions related posts, too!

We will be on the lookout for and welcome submissions this month, so spread the word, or reach out if there are topics in particular that you want to see on SG.

I am also hoping to connect with anyone who has experience with non-profits and grant writing. I don’t have much experience in these areas myself, so am hopeful that the greater SG following can help connect me with an informal team of mentors or even potential collaborators in this space. Reach out to me if you have knowledge and advice to share!

Speaking of the SG following, we are nearing 750 followers on Instagram, which is wild (for us). I never thought when I started this platform less than eight months ago that so many people would get involved and follow along. As much as I dislike social media, it has been an amazing tool for connecting for likeminded women of all ages who want to support our mission to empower young women toward their education, career, and wellness goals. As we change things up a bit through the fall and into 2020, we hope that everyone stays along for the ride and that we meet many more new supporters along the way!

Stay strategic,