Feminism is, at its core, “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.”

Feminists are individuals (of any gender identity) who not only unequivocally stand with women but also walk with them. That second part is a big one. To do so, you need self-awareness, empathy, and the ability to relinquish, at times, some level of control.

How many men do you know who embody that? And what about women?

These are traits not everyone or one sex only is born with. You’ve got to conscientiously develop them over time—and like any muscle—flex them or they’ll languish.

And beyond walking together, it also means working together. Men and women need to work together towards the same cause: a society in which every member has the opportunity to flourish.

A few of our favorite feminists include:

  • Gloria Steinem
  • Dorothy Pitman
  • The Suffragettes
  • bell hooks
  • RBG
  • Jake!

Who’s your favorite feminist?

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