That blister you got from running away from your problems sure hurts, huh? Meanwhile, you’re trying to find an obscure place to smoke just to take even a minute off your already short life.

You’ve won. You’re in control. Right?

What will this sort of control cost you?

What will you do if you get very, very sick right when your life makes a turn for the better?

What if it hasn’t yet, and you lose that possibility? What are you doing?

Today might bring you grief, but that’s not a reason to rob yourself of tomorrow. Patience has always seemed to be beyond you. You need to change that into a strength. When you lay your head down to sleep at night, you should feel you’ve done everything you could to better yourself that day. A cigarette can take the edge off, sure – until one becomes two, and two becomes three, and three becomes a habit, and a habit costs a lifetime.

I know it’s hard, Katie. Just try and be patient.