To the younger, smaller, hopeful 16-year-old Briana….

Keep that hope in your eyes.

Don’t let the small things get you down.

Love everyone and everything.

Don’t give up on your passion for writing.

Learn self-love and know that just because you’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person.

I know things will get rough but that doesn’t mean you have to get rough with it.

Be that joy of sunshine and say how you feel instead of holding everything in.

Pour into the things you love, pick up a book and practice good mental health.

I know you want love so bad but do not fall for the first guy to give you that attention, because he’s so so wrong for you.

Also, do not stay in a situation that causes you to forget your worth

Take the first red flag and run.

Spend some time by yourself, it’s okay to be alone.

Build your faith now, that way you never have to question it later.

Get in the gym girl, because somewhere between sophomore year & junior year of college you will blow up.

Remember that everything about you is love and that you’re surrounded by people who love you dearly. Never ever question that, please. The people who you love you, you’re going to need them, just as they will need you.

Never give up. Never lose faith. And always stay true to yourself.


From: your older, wiser, lovable self. 24-year-old Briana