Summer in the city! It’s hot, it’s smelly, and it’s also less crowded on weekends. Cheers to that last one and to vitamin D.

This month, we are all about advocacy and empowerment on the blog. We have interviews with some amazing female entrepreneurs—spanning women’s empowerment, media, and even swimwear—as well as some exciting personal stories and advice on advocating for yourself and your needs in the hiring process.

Alongside this month’s theme, I will be working on a few projects around developing programming that touches exploring careers and majors in business for high school girls as well as female empowerment. I’m a big advocate of women in business and that to change the culture of corporate America (and beyond) we need women in decision making and leadership roles. And I’m still under the spell of Melinda Gates’ book and that by lifting up women you lift up humanity so I am committing myself to figure out how I can be more active in this space. One way I have been starting is by doing what many of our contributors write about on career development: developing relationships (with people who also want to lift others up).

I am also excited to announce we will be posting our Letters to Self Series, where women share inspiration and advice with their younger selves. Sometimes that self is much younger and sometimes that self was us yesterday. Be sure to check back to glimpse these reflective pieces!

July also happens to be my anniversary month (I still hold on that it’s many years before when we first met, but I’ve been told you have to replace that date with your marriage date….so July 7 it is). To celebrate, be on the lookout for a post about my favorite feminist: Jake! You’ll understand why after you read it.

Stay cool, stay empowered, and stay strategic.