Wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to bed, repeat. Sometimes, it feels like that doesn’t it? Thinking about this week—what have you done for you lately? If you thought, go to the gym, or got my nails done, or read a new book. Good for you! I’m proud of you. I encourage you to do more of that and take time for yourself. For the others who did not have a chance to fit “me time” in, why is that?

It’s hard to prioritize yourself when work and life get in the way. I get it—I have these weeks where I am energized and ready to take on the world and other times where I feel a bit like woe is me, I have no time. No matter how I am feeling, here’s what allows me to tackle all I have to do, and work in some me time.

A routine

It sounds simple enough, but having a morning routine sets the tone for my entire day. As much as possible, I try to lay out my clothes at night or at least have an idea of what I want to wear. It’s one less thing to think about in the morning. I also try to make my bed. I can’t tell you how good it feels to cross one thing off the list immediately, and turning down the covers when I get into bed versus getting into an unmade bed helps relax me before I go to sleep. Lastly, I have a warm glass of water every morning, gets me, my mind and body moving and feeling all kinds of good.

A to-do list

As soon as I get to my desk at work, I start my to-do list for work. I’m going to get super in the weeds with you in hopes that it will help you. I track my water—with tally marks. Yes, I know there are apps out there, but I like writing things down and seeing it on top of my to-do list. It’s a reminder for me to get up and do something for me and my health.

Next, I section off my accounts. So, what are the priority items—the must-dos for the day? Those go first. Then, I put all my meetings for the day, because yes, those have to happen and then I add some things that MAYBE I can get to. If I don’t get to them, I circle them and add them to my list for the next day. One major thing to keep in mind is to allow for some flexibility in your to-do lists. We all know that random things can pop up, so just plan for that and you’ll be okay. You’re only one person, just do your best.

I also make a personal to-do list for activities that I can do during the work day—and even if it’s simply three things that I know will make me feel good, I do it. Call the doctor, write that personal email—I write it down and I get it done.

Schedule time for yourself

We touched on this a little bit already, but I want to reiterate it again. Sometimes I am stuck at my desk all day and those are the days where I peruse the internet or procrastinate on items. It’s easy to lose focus. I need 5, 10, 15 minutes away from my desk. Go for a walk—it’s good for you. Grab a cup of coffee, go outside and make a personal call. You need to break up your day to recharge. It makes me feel so good. Even when you’re swamped, I assure you, you can find five minutes.

Additionally, I TRY (and need to be better at it) to plan one thing to do at home that I am going to enjoy. Is it starting a new book, or podcast, or making something for dinner? Working out for 15 minutes (even in front of the TV?). It’s nice to look forward to something and it balances the day out. Sometimes I need to pencil myself in after work.

I know all of this is easier said than done, but I encourage you to try and carve out some time for yourself. You will likely be more productive and feel more energized to take on the day. It’s not always easy, but babe, you are worth it!

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Be well!


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