What do you want to be most remembered for?  When people describe you, what do you want them to say about you?

“Omg, she was always so skinny!” or “did I tell you what she said she weighed when she got on the scale last night?!”

Now, what if they said, “she was always the nicest girl in class” or “her presentations were always so well done,” or even “she made me feel welcomed when I first started at school.”

I am guessing that the second set of options is more appealing to you. The number on the scale, the size jeans you wear—those things are nothing more than that: simply numbers.

Similar to how we want to be remembered, when we think about food and diet, we should be focusing on fueling our bodies to make us the best person we can be.

As a registered dietitian, I rarely discuss numbers with my clients. Rather than focusing on calories or grams of fat, we focus on nutrients: the vitamins and minerals we put in our body through the foods we eat. Now, let’s be honest, being an unhealthy weight is not necessarily a good thing. The good news is when we choose foods that are high in nutrients—fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains—we are also making choices that are lower in calories and/or more filling than foods that provide less nutrients.  Without it being our intention, when we wat this way, our chances of landing at a healthy weight increase.

Bottom line: eat nourishing foods because you want to and work out because you want to. Take care of yourself and fuel your body so you have the energy and power to make a difference in the world, not so you can be a certain size—especially a size zero. Who really wants to be remembered for being “nothing” anyway?


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