Strategy Girl supports companies that are not only women founded and women led, but also purpose driven. One we wanted to take a minute to shoutout is THINX, which is thriving under still new-ish CEO Maria Molland (who has done amazing things since her arrival).

THINX has been committed to supporting people with periods around the globe by advocating for equitable, sustainable policies. They are partners with PERIOD, the largest youth-run nonprofit in the world, and launched the United for Access campaign demanding free and easy access to period products for US students. They are the first menstrual hygiene company to work at a grassroots level to shift policy within local communities.

THINX works with schools, after-school programs, and nonprofits to empower young people with medically accurate and inclusive information about their changing bodies through their EveryBody Program, which includes:

  • 12-week puberty education curriculum developed by experienced teachers and healthcare providers, and informed by the students who participate
  • Equips all genders ages 10-13 with core knowledge about periods, puberty, and human rights
  • Activity-based and delivered by qualified, trained facilitators

THINX also provides access to menstrual hygiene products globally, to fight against “period poverty.” You can read more about their social endeavors in their annual report.

So, as they say:

When you choose underwear by THINX Inc.—THINX, THINX (BTWN), or Icon—you’re doing more than wearing a brand, you’re supporting the mission it was founded on. With your support, we empower *every body* through innovative solutions and social change across our three pillars of giveback work: advocacy, education, and access.

That’s a mission and values we support.


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