I love this short video by Deb Levy, a certified life and business coach, and a Harvard Extension career workshop leader. In it, she offers five tips to help you succeed in your coursework. Her #1 tip? Know your strengths! We all tend to be very aware of our weaknesses, but research shows that we are more successful in endeavors when we know and utilize our strengths. Strength awareness also bodes well for general wellbeing, and we all need a little bit more of that in our lives.

Her five main tips:

  1. Know your strengths.
  2. Set specific goals.
  3. Be positive.
  4. Be resilient.
  5. Make time to recover.

Deb’s video also points to the authentichappiness.com site, where you can take their well-known and highly regarded strength-finder test. Once you know your strengths, you can use positive psychology tactics to create a more productive work, class, and personal life.